Participants, spectators, coaches - Admission to the competition from the age of 18 on the basis of a Covid-19 certificate (Vaccination certificate, PCR test QR code, Antigen test QR code or have previously been infected with the COVID-19 disease and no more than 180 days have passed since the positive result of the test or the date the diagnosis was confirmed by a doctor;).

Traveller’s questionnaire for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 - Click here 
When arriving in ESTONIA it is necessary to fill out the COVID-19 questionnaire form available on the Internet

Information on countries and restriction on freedom of movement requirements for passengers - Click here 
The athletes who decide to participate in the competitions, during the application, need to sign a statement which states that: a. In case of sudden cancellation of the competitions, they bear all their travel, accommodation, and similar expenses. b. They bear their own responsibility in case they become infected with the virus COVID- 19 whether during the competition or in the three weeks after they return from the competition.

Athletes Covid-19 Declaration - download here

Officials Covid-19 Declaration - download here